WeCAHN core activities

This is what we do

WeCAHN core activities


Quarterly network conference calls to review and discuss data from provincial diagnostic labs (including selected AMR data), CIPARS, western region CgFARAD, provincial abattoirs, and clinical impressions survey from network practitioners. These calls will also connect stakeholders and strengthen the network.

Intelligence gathering

Bringing together information on other surveillance activities performed by researchers, government, and eventually industry (e.g. quality assurance data such as uptake of biosecurity practices).

Knowledge translation and transfer (KTT)

 converting i and ii (above) to useful information for practitioners, producers and other stakeholders (e.g. reports, infographics, webinars, podcasts).


  • Identifying practitioners’ and producers’ preferred delivery method for information.
  • Making the KTT above available to veterinary practitioners, producers, and the public, available via their preferred delivery methods: WeCAHN website, social media (and potentially practitioners’ organization websites/newsletter/listserv)
  • Contacting western practitioners prior to quarterly network calls to inquire whether they have seen any novel/unusual cases, for discussion on the call.